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BC 2 Star Plus

This course will extend the skills you have learnt on your BC 2 Star Course, and allow us to consolidate them, and improve them further.

This day has no set syllabus, but we regularly find it's great to spend a day doing a local jouney.


This 1-day extension course is designed to take the skills learnt on your BC 2 Star Course, and work to move them towards 3 Star standard. We can do this in either kayak and/or canoe, to allow for development of skills where it is most needed.

After completing a BC 2 Star, some people feel that they would like a little bit more input and practice before heading towards 3 Star, or would like to know a bit more about the 3 Star courses before signing up to them.

We’ve created this course to fulfil that need; we will take your existing 2 Star skills, and start to apply them into more dynamic environments meaning there is time finesse them before moving forward. This course will also give you the time to ask any questions, and gain confirmation of any skills which you did not quite fully understand during your 2 Star course.

There is no set agenda for these days, as a result we like to tailor them to what would benefit you the most.

However, we have found that most people choose to spend a day doing a journey in conditions or places which they wouldn't normally go.


:: Have completed a BC 2 Star course (either with us or elsewhere)

The dates of these courses are scheduled, so that they can fit straight onto the end of one of our BC 2 Star courses, so you could extend your knowledge and learning. Save 25% if booked at the same time as a BC 2 Star Course

Available Dates:

  • 07 October 2018- 09:00-17:00
  • 28 October 2018- 09:00-17:00
  • 18 November 2018- 09:00-17:00

If none of the above dates suit you, please get in touch and we will see what we can arrange!


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Be safer on the water!

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We also offer hires of our canoes and kayaks. You're welcome to create your own adventure ​or use them to practice your skills.
Canoe and Kayak Hires