Frequently Asked Questions

Paddlesport Information - Your questions answered!

1. What is the difference between a canoe and a kayak?

The main defining difference is that in a canoe you use a single bladed paddle, and in a kayak you have a blade on both ends of the paddle.

2. Will I get wet using a kayak or canoe?

You will at the very least get a wet bum on any of our kayaks! We try and keep everyone upright but from time to time we see the odd unexpected dipper on a kayak! You will likely receive some splash from the paddles too, especially if you are in a group!
Canoes are typically drier but ultimately you are in/around water so there is a higher chance of getting moist.

3. What should I wear to go paddling in a kayak or canoe?

It can be chillier on the water than on land and the water can feel cold if you take a dip. We recommend wearing multiple lighter layers wherever possible so you can adjust easily. Please avoid wearing heavy or bulky items of clothing as it can be difficult to fit you in a life vest and will impact your ability to swim should you be unseated. If you are joining a tour please bring a change of clothes in a ruck sack

4. Do you provide wetsuits?

We do not provide wetsuits. This is due to the hygiene issues of cleaning them. We would recommend you wear lightweight clothing and bring some spare clothes to get changed into afterwards.

5. Do I need to be able to swim to use a kayak or canoe?

We provide safety equipment and everyone wears a buoyancy aid when going afloat. We ask that people are “water confident” incase they end up in the water. Being able to swim is not imperative if you are on a course. If you are hiring the boats, we would recommend you are able to swim.

6. How many people can you get in a canoe/kayak?

Our Open Canoes are suitable for either solo paddlers or family groups of up to 2 adults and 2 small children.

We also have single and double kayaks.

7. What equipment do you provide if I hire a kayak or join a course or tour?

As standard we will provide you with a vessel, paddle and buoyancy aid. We also have helmets which we will give out as required by the conditions.

8. It's raining, will my session go ahead?

We still go paddling in the rain, and don't cancel sessions due to the rain (you're going on the water and stand to get wet anyway). We are more concerned with the wind speed and direction, and also if there are thunderstorms forecast.

9. Are you likely to cancel the trip/tour/course?

We do our best to not cancel our sessions. If the weather is going to be particularly awful we will offer you an alternative, or may have to cancel. That said, it's a very low number of events we cancel each year.

If you are joining us on the water and have a question not answered here, please contact us