British Canoeing (BC) Accredited Courses

British Canoeing (BC) (new name for the previous British Canoe Union or BCU) is the National Governing body for canoeing and kayaking in the UK. BC is the umbrella organisation for Canoe Wales, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland and the Scottish Canoeing Association.

Here at Fluid Adventures, we are delighted to offer BC accredited courses and training. Our qualified instructors have years of ‘on the water’ experience and so we are well placed to help you learn the ropes and start to achieve minimum standards with a recognised body. BC accredited courses start with basic skills on the water and can work up to an advanced level – so whether you are a hobbyist or want to take your paddling more seriously we can help.

Most of our courses are run locally to our pop up locations but for group training we can find alternative locations around the South of England.  Please contact the office to discuss your requirements.

BC accredited courses are well recognised and will improve your overall skills, awareness and confidence in a range of scenarios and different sea/water states.

We run the following British Canoeing courses, with an ever expanding line up:

  • BC 1 Star
  • BC 2 Star
  • BC 3 Star Open Canoe
  • BC 3 Star Sea Kayak
  • BC 3 Star Touring (Kayak)
  • BC 3 Star Touring (Canoe)
  • BC 3 Star White Water
  • BC Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT)
  • BC Open Canoe Leader Training and Assessment (Previously BC 4 Star Open Canoe)