The Fluid Adventures Family

Established in 2012, Fluid Adventures is the foremost paddlesport provider in the Chichester Area, and along the South Coast. We are a family run business with a huge passion for getting everyone we can out onto the water, and giving the best experiences on all sessions which we possibly can. We offer you the chance to enjoy some of the most beautiful stretches of water along the south coast from a different perspective. From our base in East Wittering, West Sussex (near Chichester) we operate hire facilities, training courses and bespoke packages on coastal and inland waters including Chichester Harbour (AONB), River Hamble, River Arun, the Jurassic Coast, and on the Solent.

Our team of paddlesport professionals are all handpicked, trained and experienced. We have a great core team, plus a fantastic pool of "freelancers" who we can call upon when they are needed.

You can paddle with us whether you have been on a kayak or in a canoe before or not and we can cater for most ages and skills. We offer short, taster sessions for the newcomers and day long tours and trips for the more experienced paddlers. If you are looking for something completely different for a group day out, then please give us a shout and we can tell you about our regular tours or arrange a truly unique experience for you.


Phil is the leader of the pack. Being inspired into spending lots of time in the outdoors from an early age by his parents, he has a range of experiences gained through his 28 years of paddling, walking, camping, sailing, yachting, power boating, and doing just about anything which takes him outside!

Phil is well known for paddling to the Isle of Wight from his house in the Witterings, just so he can have a bag of chips for lunch.


Shena is a driving force within Fluid Adventures, keeping the guys in check, organising logistics, calendar dates, hires, and making sure the "behind the scenes stuff" is managed correctly. Being Phil's partner in crime is not easy, but she does a cracking job!

Shena is always looking for the next challenge/opportunity, having completed some great things: numerous Tough Mudders, three Peaks challenge, and countless self-imposed challenges.


Fred is the Head Coach for the company, his enthusiasm and passion for paddlesports has taken him on an extensive journey through different paddling disciplines, and to many different venues. Fred's main responsibilities are caring for the equipment and managing the day to day running of sessions on the water.

Fred makes a mean Tuna Pasta Bake, and he's also great at fixing just about anything!


Simon is our friendly mountain-man turned paddler. A long time canoeist, Simon has recently discovered a love for sea kayaking which he enjoys promoting to anyone he meets. His easy-going personality and passion for developing people means that he will always get the best performances out of you.

Simon is very multi-talented, being at home on the top of mountains, down in caves, as well as on the water.


Dave is our external expert and a great sounding board for when we dream up the next direction to take the company. Initially a Director of Fluid Adventures with Phil, Dave has stuck around in an advisory capacity. He also runs some of our FSRT and 3 Star Courses.

Dave is a skilled boater, having been boating for over 20 years (despite his tender 27 years of age)!