BC 3 Star Touring (Canoe)

The BCU 3 Star Touring Canoe course is a relatively new award which is aimed at an intermediate paddler. We like this award as it is very flexible allowing people of all standard to improve their skills and also to be safer on the water. We run this course in accordance to the BCU syallabus, but pay particular attention to boat handling skills, and also navigation.

Typically we will spend the three days of this course in different locations allowing you to learn the maximum which we can coach in the allotted time.

Day 1 – Chichester Harbour – We use this open environment assess your current skills, and work on improving them, it’s also perfect for working a bit with travelling using the wind.

Day 2 – River Arun – This day is our sheltered water day, where we will work at really improving your skills. We will take advantage of the (almost) guaranteed shelter provided by trees and river banks, and work on trim/turning, boat handling, moving sideways, and generally making your boating look classier!

Day 3 – River Hamble – This final day allows us to take our newly learned skills into an open estuary, where we will encounter some tidal flow, narrow channels, and wide open spaces. There should be plenty of opportunities to work on paddling in the wind. We will likely leave the rescues until this day.

The BCU definition of a 3 Star Touring Kayak Course:

Successful performance at this level indicates that a candidate can consider themselves as an intermediate paddler rather than a beginner, the candidate having demonstrated personal competence as a member of a group paddling in a variety of venues. These include open water in conditions of winds up to Beaufort Force 3, and/or ungraded rivers that have a discernible green flow.

We run this as a combined training and assessment scheme, if you’re not interested in being assessed, just stick around for the assessment day and see how the flow of an assessment goes – you’ll also learn more skills!

This is a BCU recognised award and will be run with this syllabus: http://www.canoe-england.org.uk/media/pdf/BCU%203%20Star%20Touring%20Canoe%20Syllabi%20V3-0%20Oct13%20%282%29.pdf

What Fluid Adventures provide:

  • Suitable Canoe
  • Paddles
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Helmets (when appropriate)
  • Spray Decks
  • Relevant safety kit (pump, group shelter, repair kit)
  • Relevant water access licenses
  • Maps/Charts
  • Qualified, experienced and CRB checked coach

What you need to provide:

  • Suitable paddling attire
  • Towel – just in case!
  • Complete spare change of clothes for afterwards
  • Lunch/drink
  • Transportation to/from location
  • Car Parking
  • Any safety equipment you already own i.e
    • Pump
    • Group Shelter
    • Repair Kit
    • First Aid Kit
    • Compass
    • Map/Chart + Case

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