BC 2 Star Plus

This 1-day course is designed to take the skills learned on your BC 2 Star Course, and work to start moving them towards 3 Star. This day will be in both kayak and canoe, to allow for development of skills in both craft.

Many people, after doing their BC 2 Star, feel that they would like a little bit more input before heading towards 3 Star, or would like to know a bit about 3 Star before signing up to it. We’ve created this course to fill that void. We will take your existing 2 Star skills, and start to apply them into the moderate water environment in both canoe and kayak. This course will also give you the time to ask any questions, and gain confirmation of any skills which you did not quite fully understand during your 2 Star course.


:: Have completed a BC 2 Star course (either with us or elsewhere)

The dates of these courses are scheduled, so that they can fit straight onto the end of one of our BC 2 Star courses, so you could extend your knowledge and learning. We also offer you a discounted rate (£48 instead of £60) for this day, if you book it at the same time as your BC 2 Star.



Hilton Park, East Wittering, Chichester PO20 8RL, UK


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